Stoep (n.) Afrikaans for front of house veranda; under cover porch.

“The Stoep. The threshold between garden path and front door. The shadowed corridor under the afdak roof, like a hand over the eyes that stops the sun from blinding the house. The place where flies vibrate between shutter and window. The long cool floor where the dog twitches in its sleep. The stoep is the voorkamer when the neighbours down the road come to visit.   It’s your afternoon retreat with rusks and a cup of coffee. Where you escape when everyone makes you moeg. It’s the romantic backdrop for a glass of cold white wine and the snacks you just baked. It’s the place for your langtafel, with all the laughter that only friends know. It’s where you sit down on the riempie bench with the large cushions and cry after you’ve put down the phone. The stoep is a big country.”  GO! PLATTELAND