Hopelessly Overdue

Fortune favours the devil in the hardhat
“Where in the world would one find a humble farmhouse dwelling well seated within the confines of a walled-in security estate? Only in Africa.”
HOPELESSLY OVERDUE is not your everyday ‘how to’ book. In all honesty, it may better be described as a ‘how not to’ book. For while the author has studiously documented the pains and pitfalls of buying into a Plot & Plan new property development, the lessons learnt are not what to do. But rather, through bitter personal experience, the reader is enlightened on what not to do.
The journey into the story behind HOPELESSLY OVERDUE is a four-year one that takes us back in time to the tail end of the global financial crisis of 2008 and early 2009. But the painful memory of what transpired was just that vivid it took the author a mere nine weeks to pen the entire book.
HOPELESSLY OVERDUE is not a book you would instinctively recommend to a seasoned property buyer; it’s a more of a personal notebook than an investor guide. To be frank, it offers no advise on how to make money in property. In the words of the author:
“HOPELESSLY OVERDUE is not a literary piece that is likely to be shortlisted for any creative book writing prize. But it sure gets the Guinness Book of Records award for the longest build time for a humble three-bedroomed home.”
This book is likely to upset many an honest builder in the construction industry. And it will probably get banished from the bookshelves of real estate agencies all over the land.
That said, HOPELESSLY OVERDUE makes a compelling read for prospective first time homeowners.
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