Life's a Blik

Ever since the day he was two bricks and a ticky high,
he was inaugurated by family and friends into the world
of sport…and the social drinking that goes with it.

Life’s a Blik is a light-hearted account of short stories.
Stories that revolve around a young man’s life-long and
loyal obsession with his favourite brand – Castle Lager.

As a certified member of the ‘Fellowship of the Glass’,
the author relates his tales of the brand’s influence on his
life – from early childhood to the present day.

The short stories are a humorous mixture of fact and
figments of his imagination, but you never really know.
All the while you read on – as his encounters play on
your own inner sense of fun, friendship and laughter.

The many years in the advertising industry have no
doubt equipped him with a human knack for telling tales.

The man is no literary ace, yet his book stands testament
to his enduring character in completing the task at hand.
In the words of the author …
“frankly speaking, it’s a few beers short of a six-pack”.
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